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The WebMaster

Enhance your online presence with our comprehensive web solution package, including:

New Website:

Design, development, and monthly updates to keep your site fresh and engaging.

SEO Updates and Maintenance:

Ensure your site is optimized for search engines.

Domain Hosting and Email Hosting :

Secure your web presence with reliable hosting services.

Mailing System:

Manage and send email campaigns effortlessly.

Blog System:

Easily publish and manage blog content to engage your audience.

Google AdWords Support and Maintenance:

Optimize your ad campaigns for maximum ROI.

Graphic Designer in Your Pocket:

Access to a designer for web-related graphics and more.

6 projects per month:

General graphic design work and editing, covering everything from custom flyers to detailed editorial designs.

or perhaps you need...

Engage your audience with well-designed editorials. Our editorial designs combine striking visuals with clear text layout, perfect for magazines, newsletters, and blogs.

Showcase your success stories with professionally designed case studies. We highlight your achievements and solutions in an attractive, easy-to-read format, demonstrating your expertise and results.

Set the tone for your event with beautifully designed invitations. Whether it's for a wedding, corporate event, or party, our custom invitation designs ensure your guests are excited and informed.

Design elegant and easy-to-read menus that enhance your customers' dining experience. Our menu designs are tailored to reflect your restaurant's theme and style, making a lasting impression.

Deliver professional presentations with stunning visual appeal. Our design team crafts presentations that enhance your content and captivate your audience, making every slide impactful.

The WebMaster includes projects like...

Add a short paragraph. Double click to edit and add your own text.

Showcase your business, products, or services with detailed brochures or company profiles. We design informative and attractive multi-page documents that leave a lasting impression.

Promote events, products, or campaigns with striking poster designs. Our posters are crafted to capture attention and convey your message effectively, no matter the size or medium.

Enhance your brand's professionalism with custom-designed stationery. From letterheads to envelopes, we ensure all your printed materials are cohesive and reflect your brand's image.

Deliver professional presentations with stunning visual appeal. Our design team crafts presentations that enhance your content and captivate your audience, making every slide impactful.

Make a memorable first impression with custom business card designs. Our designs reflect your brand’s identity and ensure your contact details are presented elegantly and professionally.

Simplify complex information with custom infographics and icon designs. Our visually appealing graphics make data easy to understand and enhance the overall communication of your message.

Strengthen your brand identity with comprehensive external and internal branding products. From signage to office décor, we create cohesive branding materials that reflect your brand’s values and aesthetics.

Stand out in the job market with a professionally designed CV. Our designs highlight your skills and experience in a visually appealing format, helping you make a strong impression.

Boost your online presence with custom Google banners. Our designs are optimized for Google Ads, ensuring your ads are visually compelling and effective in driving clicks and conversions.

Why a Marketing Retainer

Opting for a marketing retainer offers numerous benefits, ensuring consistent and high-quality design services tailored to your needs. With a retainer, you gain dedicated access to expert designers, predictable costs, and the flexibility to prioritize projects. It fosters a collaborative relationship, leading to a deeper understanding of your brand and more cohesive marketing efforts. While there is an upfront commitment, the long-term value and reliability far outweigh the drawbacks, making it a smart investment for sustained business growth.

Hire a Full Time Employee
Hire a Freelancer
Use a Creative Agency Like Us
Office space and employee benefits are required. Sick days impact work progress and quality. Often specialized in one area, lacking broad knowledge. Extra costs for software and equipment. Additional costs for marketing materials like stock photos. Hiring costs: recruitment fees and employee qualifications. Projects take longer with one person handling everything.
Higher hourly rates due to work nature. Invoices are paid after approval, and before delivery. No coverage during holidays or sick leave. Harder to track work progress. Variable payment amounts complicate cash flow. Finding the right freelancer is time-consuming. May need multiple freelancers for diverse expertise.
Less control over daily operations. Dependency on external schedules. May require time to align with your brand.
On-site for daily coaching. Act as company ambassadors. Cover for holidays and sickness. Direct accountability and oversight.
Only pay for the time and work needed. No need to pay benefits/pension etc. No office space is required. Can find experts in a field.
Full marketing and design team with diverse expertise. More affordable, with no extra costs for tools/software. No office space is needed. No extra cost for employee benefits. Available on-demand, even if someone is sick. Offers specialised marketing services. Monthly or yearly contracts. In-office availability by appointment. Multiple people on projects for faster results.
Yearly/Monthly Costs
Monthly: R25K - R60K
Yearly: Depending on the work needed - R260-R850 an hour - equate to an average of 20 hours a week R144K - 650K annually Monthly: R16K - R65K
Depending on the work needed. The average cost every month ranges from R2K - R40K. But is set to a fixed amount.

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